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Sunday, August 30, 2009

TwinBridge English-Chinese Dictionary

Brief Description: Compatibility Fully compatible with MS Office suite and most applications under Windows 2000/XP/Vist. Enable you to display, edit and print Chinese documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoints, E-mails, etc. Support most internal codes including Unicode for Chinese characters.

IME Dictionary Manager Perform dictionary management for Chinese input methods: Indexed Phrase, English-Chinese, Yuejin and Changjei. Dictionary entries can be easily modified, added or deleted.

Fonts 56 Chinese high quality True Type fonts for both ANSI and Unicode applications.

Input Methods The TwinBridge Input Methods provide Fast Chinese characters entry with pinyin, Zhyuin, English Chinese. Characters and phrases are sorted in frequency of use for convenient selection.

English-Chinese Dictionary Provides compehensive and intuitive bi-directional speaking dictionary. Pronounces English and Simplified Chinese entries.

Custom Chinese IME Generator The Chinese system in the Language Partner supports three user-defined input methods. The customer input methods, coding rules, and features will function according to the definition.

META/Single-Byte Converter Certian graphics applications do not accept input of Chinese characters. These tools convert double-byte Chinese characters into single-byte data then insert them as graphics into applications such as AutoCAD.
Supporting language: Chinese
Platform supported: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista
# System requirements: IBM Compatible PC with Pentium 4 or faster CPU
# Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista
# Minimum 50 MB of Hard Disk space, with 64 MB RAM CD-ROM Drive
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